Monday, July 21, 2008

Librarian Day in the Life - Just Another Manic Monday

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hit snooze once, actually got out of bed at 5:40. Got a quick workout out in, then had coffee/breakfast while checking the news and such online before taking care of that whole personal grooming thing. Out the door at ~7:24, over to the bus stop. Off the bus at the Medical Center, about a mile from the library. It's another 15 minutes of exercise that I can fit into the day. What with ALA, then being sick, I let things slide for a few weeks and I can already see that I'm going to be doing some rebuilding of the progress I'd made.

Made it to the office right at 8:00. Listened to message on the machine while logging into the computer. Started up email, web browser and while those did their thing, got my receipts together for a couple of reimbursements from last week. Made copies of those, just in case!

Checked Twitter and Gmail accounts, logged into Meebo to say hello in the LSW room, then got motivated.

Read work email - planning meeting time for the MBA orientation (it's only 3 weeks off! Gah!) now scheduled for Friday AM all the way across campus.

Attempted to take receipts upstairs, accountant not available, brought back downstairs. Went to the library cafe to get a bagel and that second cup of coffee that I suddenly and desperately need .

Back to the office to type up a slew of notes from last week and share with the rest of the group.

10:00 Meet with community user about research he's doing. This is always a point of debate with me:
I do work at a land-grant institution, and we do support the community, but how much time is reasonable to take for helping community users? I still haven't figured it out.

10:30: Back to typing up the notes.

11:40: Accountant in office, dropped off receipts for reimbursement.

12:00: Over to the McKale Center with a coworker - 30 minutes of (indoor) walking around the basketball court. Gets the blood moving.

12:30: lunch, checking email

1:15: Back up to accountant to sign off on reimbursement form, back to office to type up more notes.

1:40: up to admin office to pick up some documents, back to office to gather info for meeting.

1:45: Email from faculty member wanting to schedule fall instruction sessions for the second week of classes. Electronic classroom available, classes scheduled, email response to professor sent.

2:00: 3 hour meeting begins, one attendee has had something else that's unavoidable come up, so the meeting is cut short. Yay? Dash out the door to the...

2:55: Ebscohost 2.0 training. It actually started at 2:30, but I've got no problem with showing up late.

4:00: done with Ebsco presentation, back to the office to check/respond to email (never ending). Called back another community user who had a question, walked her through some of her options for finding the information.

(ok, the stuff below is anticipated, since it's only 4:45 here, but it's the plan)

5:00: out the door to catch the bus and go home.

5:30: made it home (finally). Quick yoga/strength workout with the Wii Fit, cook (ok, reheat) dinner and then time to work on a book review that's due August 1.

Finally, maybe, after that's done, I'll get time to relax. Woohoo.